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Control cabinet

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Control cabinet

Control cabinet

Control cabin - 1    Control cabin - 2


Control cabinet from 1 000 000 RUR

Two modules (top and bottom), the sizes of each module is not less than: width 2500 mm, length 6000 mm, height 2500 mm, with lighting, heating and A/C systems providing comfortable hygienic and sanitary conditions for operation personnel.

  1. Workstation (an industrial PC) with two hard drives (main and backup), keyboard, optical mouse, and networking accessories.
  2. The execution of technological processes is provided by an automated control system operating on the basis of Siemens devices, controller equipment and software..
  3. Two monitors.
  4. A laser black-and-white printer for printing report documentation.
  5. A GSM modem for online remote access and connecting of the service center.
  6. Uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS).
  7. Audio communication system; thermostatic electrical cabinet; set of furniture (chair + table).
  8. A WinCC-based operating program for controlling the plant and the technological process for asphalt concrete mix production provides the following functions:
    • Starting asphalt mixing units in automatic, manual, or adjustment modes;
    • Production of asphalt mix in automatic or manual modes;
    • Selection, creation, editing of asphalt mix formulas (the number of formulas is unlimited);
    • Setting unit parameters for optimizing and controlling the production process;
    • Saving data on the release of asphalt mix, all parameters and current conditions of the unit;
    • Printout on the printer of data on the release of asphalt mix for any period of time.

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