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Product name: three-way bitumen valve DU80


Three-way bitumen crane DN80Three-way bitumen crane DN80 - 2 image


Product purpose: three-way valve is used on pipelines for pumping paving asphalt with a temperature up to 160°C as a locking device. The unit version is moderately cold climate, category of location I according to GOST 15150-69.


Basic specifications:

Nominal inside diameter Du, mm


Nominal pressure Ru, MPa


Operating medium temperature, °С

from +70 to +160

Heating medium for valve heating

oil I-20А, I-40

Max heating medium temperature, °С


Heat carrier pressure, MPa


Operating position indicator


Overall dimensions:

Length, mm/strong>


Width, mm


Height, mm


Weight, kg



Structure and operational principle:


The valve consists of


  1. the body where the gate is located
  2. sealing gland is packed between the gate shaft and the housing,
  3. which is pressed with a pressure plate.
  4. gate 2 can be tightened using a screw
  5. a nozzle is installed on the shutter 2. To connect with the bitumen pipeline and the heat carrier pipeline, flanges 8 are installed on the valve.
  1. the valve body is equipped with an oil heating jacket. Changing the direction of the bitumen flow is carried out by turning the shutter.

Three-way bitumen crane


Product name: cutoff valve 234A

Shut-off valve 234A - 1Shut-off valve 234A - 2


Product purpose:  shut-off valves are installed as a shut-off device that completely shuts off the flow of the operating medium in pipelines for transporting the heat carrier (oil).


Basic specifications:

Nominal diameter (mm)

 15 - 250 

Connection type


Nominal pressure (MPa)


Maximum operating medium temperature (°C)


Maximum environment temperature, (°С)


Minimum environment temperature, (°С)


Operating medium

Thermal oil

Tightness class according to EN-12266-1


Climatic version according to GOST 15150-69

 УХЛ 3.1

Control type

Handweel, electric drive



Product name: stainless metal hoses


Stainless Steel Metal Jacket


Product purpose: metal hoses gained widespread currency in a number of key industrial fields, our metal hoses are actively used in oil and gas and petrochemical industries. For example, when constructing oil storage facilities / bitumen terminals / bitumen facilities, rigid pipeline connections are replaced with flexible metal hoses with flanged connections. The use of a metal hose when connecting pipes makes it possible to refuse welding work under conditions of increased explosion hazard, for example, when used in mines or for oil and gas production.


Basic specifications:

Nominal diameter, (mm)

10 - 250

Connection type

Flanged / Butt Weld / Threaded / Quick Couplings

Rated pressure, (MPa)


Operating temperature

от -270°С до +600 °С.

Maximum operating media temperature, (°C)


Operating media

Thermal oil/petroleum products/water

More than200

implemented in Russia
and the CIS

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