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Asphalt plant PCS
The control system uses state-of-the-art facilities by Siemens:
  • Industrial PC-based operator workstation
  • Programmable logical controller
  • Frequency converters

The microprocessor control system makes it possible to continuously control the production process of mix preparation, adjust formula and technological settings without stopping the production.

The control system features the following functions:
  • Automatic launch and shutdown mode
  • Adjustment mode with independent order of launching the units
  • Technological process visualization in the monitor display
  • Automated mixture release by the set amount and continuous
  • Maintaining the archive on the system operation with the function of generating a report for an arbitrary interval of time
  • Generating emergency, informational, warning messages
Bitumen  base PCS

Bitumen tank farm PCS is intended for controlling the processes of intake, pumping, preparation and dispatch of bitumen emulsion base materials.

The features of the system are the dispersion of equipment over the base territory, high temperature of the operating medium, as well as a sharp dependence of the viscosity of the operating medium on temperature, which can vary from 100,000 centistokes to 100 centistokes when the temperature changes from +80°С to +160°С.

The system includes:
  • Operator’s automated working station;
  • Control cabinets;
  • Mass flowmeters;
  • Temperature/ pressure/ level sensors;
  • Heat carrier valves and piping;
  • Bitumen valves, electric bolts.
PCS enables to
  • Control the process according to the program set by the operator;
  • Stabilize and regulate the parameters of the technological process;
  • Inform the operator about the process progress by giving emergency warnings;
  • Archive basic data on the process progress;
  • Perform the specified technological modes and control their flow visually;
  • Control the amount of bitumen in the tanks and the overall amount of bitumen in the base.